Liberty Solvents

Liberty has extensive experience in formulating custom blends of water-based products, chemicals, and solvents to meet specific customer needs.  Our technical know-how in electronics cleaning, surface phosphatizing, painting, metal cutting/forming, printing, vapor degreasing, cold cleaning, polymer fabrication, etc., allows us to provide you with the best solution for your application.

We routinely create chemical formulations to provide for unique requirements, which often result in non-hazardous substitutes.

Our product development abilities can save you money.  For example, Liberty can provide patented or proprietary products such as metal surface phosphatizing agents, water soluble stripper systems, water based cleaning agents, and non-hazardous products which are custom designed to meet your application.  

Over the years, our industry expertise, comprehensive product portfolio, and problem solving capabilities have enabled us to develop strong, long-term relationships with our customers.

   Liberty Solvents & Chemicals has been a successful developer and supplier of formulated products for a variety of industries for over 50 years.



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